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JiXiang on Quinpool


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JiXiang on Quinpool

analysisparalysis | | Jul 20, 2011 08:16 AM

I think this is my favourite restaurant foodwise in Halifax, and I would like to know what people have tried here.

I have tried:
Water cooked fish filets
Cumin beef
Twice cooked pork
Eggplant/peppers/carrot dish
Spicy shrimp
Spring rolls
Chicken legs (appetizer)

I thought every dish has been great. I have not eaten a ton of Szechuan food before, so I dont really have much to compare and contrast it to.

The water cooked fish fillets has been my favourite dish so far. This comes in a very large bowl that would probably be enough for 4 people to have a lunch sized meal (with rice). The broth is very spicy, flavourful, and oily. Cumin beef was also excellent, and no dish was in any way dissapointing.

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