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Help! ISO Spinach Mushroom (cream something) Bake recipe?


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Help! ISO Spinach Mushroom (cream something) Bake recipe?

magnoliasouth | Dec 15, 2012 11:33 AM

When I moved to Alaska, I rented a furnished home until my furniture got there. We moved just in time for Christmas. This was pre-1995 so we didn't have a computer. The house had one single cookbook in it and I thumbed through it trying to decide what I'd fix.

I settled on a spinach mushroom bake of some kind. I pressed the spinach into the bottom of a dish. Poured some kind of cream sauce in it and placed a bunch of mushroom caps in there. I remember when I put the dish in the oven I was wary. The mushrooms were just floating around in the sauce like cereal in milk. I thought it was going to turn out terrible.

Wrong! It thickened up during baking and it was AMAZING! My 3-year-old who, at the time, absolutely hated spinach ate it like he had never had a meal.

I've searched over and over again, but have not been able to find one that sounds similar. Most you heat on the stove first and to be honest, I may have done that but none sound like they're not thick when it goes in the oven and also, that the mushrooms are floating around raw either.

I tried calling the house owner about the book when I realized my mistake, but she had sold the house soon after we moved out (we were only there a couple of months). I could just kick myself for that.

Any suggestions? I've thought about just following a creamed spinach recipe and throwing sauteed mushrooms in it, but it won't be as pretty. When mine came out, it looked like a wreath (the pressed spinach all around the sides of the round baking dish) with a creamed mushroom center. It was positively beautiful!

Many thanks if you have any ideas or actually have the recipe somewhere!

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