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ISO Herb Bread Recipe


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ISO Herb Bread Recipe

Ora | | Aug 5, 2008 10:43 AM

Years ago, a family member used to make this amazingly delicious bread that she simply called "herb bread". She would bake it in two glass tubes, so they came out like 2 longish baguettes. The bread appeared to be rolled out flat, then rolled up long and it had layers. Inside the rolled layers was a savory assortment of chopped fresh herbs and a healthy amount of garlic and I think some salt. The bread itself was soft-ish and delicate and buttery, not at all like a true crusty french baguette in texture. This family member is no longer around, but I would love to make that bread again. I searched for "herb bread" but the recipes that I have found don't seem to match this particular bread. This family member used ordinary 1970s cookbooks from what I can remember or the recipe may have come out of the paper (NYC area) or a food magazine, I'm not sure exactly. Gosh, my mind is on that great bread. Does anyone have an older recipe out there that sounds like this?