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Trying another interesting Sierra Nevada


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Trying another interesting Sierra Nevada

TombstoneShadow | | May 9, 2013 09:28 PM

Here's another new SN on me: Hoptimum...

Just trying a bottle of the 2013 release... It's marketed as a "whole cone Imperial IPA"...

What I find interesting about this beer is the shift in flavor.. it hits my palate like a pretty singular dry pale ale and then seconds later opens up with a sweeter imperial bouquet...

That said, do I like it? It's alright... will I rush out to buy a 4-pack? Hmmm... kind of not sure...

The reason is I've never tasted a beer that evolves quite like this and what I'm learning is that I think I prefer it one way or the other... either straightforward bold dry, or a big sweet bouquet off the bat...

But an interesting beer nonetheless, highly recommend buying a bottle from the singles rack and give it a try.

At this point I'm sticking with ruthless rye as the most interesting SN offering I've tasted in awhile. To &^%$#@ it's a seasonal :( I have to wait til next Feb for it again?

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