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What Ingredients Have You Substituted That Was Better?


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What Ingredients Have You Substituted That Was Better?

Cherylptw | Jan 4, 2010 06:14 PM

Last week, when making potato salad, I realized I didn't have enough mayo & I was out of onions. I also couldn't find the pickle relish I know I bought (and have since found). I didn't have time to run out to the store so I'm looking around the pantry & fridge for something to help make the potato salad a little creamier to take the place of the shortage of mayo. I came across the sour cream so I added a few heaping tablespoons. That worked but it still needed pickles & onions...I had an unopened bottle of of Thousand Island dressing in the pantry (I never use the stuff & think someone gave it to me) so I add a good amount of that and added a few tablespoons of spicy chow chow that was in the fridge.

I mixed the potato salad up and tasted it....I think it was the best I ever made; it's going to be my new recipe. What have you made that you've had to substitute or improvise that you thought was better than the original? Have you made a change that was not for the better?

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