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On the hunt for mail order CA fruit/produce


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On the hunt for mail order CA fruit/produce

Alice Patis | Nov 29, 2006 09:09 PM

For my parent's Xmas gift this year, I'd like to give them a fruit/produce subscription of sorts, where I choose a really excellent fruit or produce and send them a box once a quarter (ie one box per season). They live in the East Coast, so I want it to be something where I'm sending them a certain fruit or vegetable because the "best" of that fruit or vegetable comes from CA and you can't find a very good one in the East Coast.

I know what to get them for the Winter gift box (CA navel oranges), but I need ideas and mail order sources for the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. I'm hoping I can decide now so that my little card announcing their gift will say what they'll get each season in 2007.

My ideas so far, please give me more ideas & mail order companies if you know any that send very excellent CA fruit or produce.

Navel Oranges from Pleasant Valley farm (I saw a rec by someone on this board):

Manila mangoes? (yeah not native to CA and they can get these at Costco now so maybe not)
CJ Olson's Cherries (yeah I know the best cherries don't only come from CA but it's just an idea, I need more ideas)

Heirloom tomatoes from ??? (does Mariquita do mail order?)
Strawberries? Can you ship strawberries?

Persimmons from ???

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