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Horse Meat Recipes? Pferdefleisch, Cheval


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Horse Meat Recipes? Pferdefleisch, Cheval

echoclerk | Nov 27, 2012 10:03 AM

A friend is coming over from Cologne and I thought I might try and convince him to bring me a chunk of Horse Meat. (Can you take raw meat on flights? - maybe frozen would work?)

I cooked a traditional Sauerbraten with Horse last time I was in Germany. Are there any other classic preparations of Horse? They eat it quite a bit in Iceland also I think. Perhaps there are traditional Icelandic Dishes?

The British used to eat Horse didn't they? I'm not sure if you can get it these days though. I had some Horse Salami in Calais once but I"m not sure if it makes it across the channel often.

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