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Hong Kong style (rice) cafe?


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Hong Kong style (rice) cafe?

Strangette | | Jan 12, 2009 09:05 PM

Hey again,

Are there any Hong Kong style cafes? In chinese I know it's called "rice" "cafe".
They serve the usual milk tea, "yeen yeung", etc. Char siu rice plate, spaghetti HK style, pork chop rice plate, Baked rice plates - these types of dishes. Usually they are pretty cheap and fast I think; very casual place.

Well, of course it doesn't have to be Hong Kong style - that's just how I think of it. Any other suggestions to try for rice lunch dishes would be yummy.

Too many restaurants scattered on several streets, I don't know what is good for a simple and fast lunch. Not looking for "dining" style. in and out for this tourist!

Doesn't have to be dirt cheap either, but MUST BE DELICIOUS.