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Hollandaise. Lemon vs. Vinegar!


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Hollandaise. Lemon vs. Vinegar!

sekelmaan | Mar 26, 2010 04:07 AM

On the DC board they are talking about Eggs Benedict, but the discussion is about the preparedness of the eggs. I grew up on classic Hollandaise made with reduced vinegar, then butter slowly added while double boiling. This is led me to a life of never being satisfied with the lemon based Hollandaise sauces at all, AT ALL, that restaurants use on their Eggs Benedict (and whatever other dishes they may deem to use it on).

Initially, I thought my family had it wrong and so I looked it up and Escoffier's recipe is even with vinegar, so I would call this the classic way to make it. Is the lemon an Americanization? Is it because chef's have an easier method with lemon juice? Or just the lighter flavor of the Hollandaise is more appealing to an American palate. I know that if most people tasted my Hollandaise they would be like, "What the hell is this?!" (The few who have actually loved it, but they were food enthusiasts.)

Thoughts? Flames? Explanations?

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