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Help with holiday chocolate making


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Help with holiday chocolate making

jeniyo | Nov 11, 2008 03:05 PM

I am going attempt to temper, coat, and mold chocolates for the holidays. For the past few years, I tried the seeding method to temper and it was a failure (fortunately though, most are eating within 48 hours so they did not bloom/streak aggressively, but very much so in a week). So here are my questions:

1. Any recommendations in tempering chocolate methods? I read that someone tempered chocolate in his food processor. I have a marble counter; do I melt, pour 2/3 chocolate on the slab then scoop up, add to warm chocolate and rest on heating blanket? I am seriously scared about mis-tempering and wasting so much chocolate.
2. I don’t think my thermometer work well. Anyone has a “chocolate tempering thermometer”? Are these just thermometers with bigger increments?
3. I plan to make my flavor infused ganache a day head of dipping day and they will set in the fridge. Do I dip the centers cold or wait for room temp to dip?
4. I got a mold for a filling this year. Any pointers? I have some gold powder that I want to “paint” on the mold candies. At what stage should I do that? What do I mix the powder with?
5. Can I “recycle” tempered chocolate into ganache for rolled truffles? Is this wrong?
6. Book recommendations?

Thank you everyone for your input!

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