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Hole In Walls

chime | | Dec 20, 2009 06:19 PM

Hole in Walls we been to them, grew up on some of them, LOL taken dates to them. The places we can go and sit down roll up our sleeves and put on the old feed bag, found along Hwys and old roads, small towns. Well I found one in a place you wouldnt think cuddled in a residental area burried. Chile Chipotle 7323 Dale Road, El Paso, TX when you arrive it is like "what in the" .It is a husband and wife running the place, There is a half wall between the kitchen and dinning area where you can watch him cook your food and have a conversation with him they make you feel comfortable the menu is mexican dishes but the chef there can make anything you desire by asking, I have been there many times and each time I just say suprise me.
His portfolio is a wow factor on its own born and raised in New york and working in resturants there he joined the Navy and was a main cook/Chef for the higher commanders on ships there after he returned to New york and met his wife that is from El Paso and moved to the area and bought this place. I do recomend to all foodies to check this place out you will feel like your with friends.
I know this is for Texas but certain roads take you out of Texas into New Mexico and returns you into Texas but in Ruidoso New mexico for those of us that have been there enjoy the casinos and the main street shopping along with resturants to stop in but there is a new one called Masion 2919 Suddith Dr. N.M. 88345. Here is another Hus. and wife team she went to Le Cordon Bleu in AZ and is gret at what she does, she made mac and cheese a fine dinning experience. LOL

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