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Ho Ho Chinese BBQ open


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Ho Ho Chinese BBQ open

budgethound | | Jul 12, 2009 06:48 PM

With the opening of Ho Ho Chinese BBQ, there are now three--count 'em--Chinese BBQ places in (north) Austin! How will this all play out?!

Ho Ho has a menu similar to Din Ho, including live seafood (crab, geoduck clams, lobster, oysters, king prawns). Ho Ho seems to have a longer menu, but Din Ho usually has off-menu specials.

The exterior is essentially unchanged from the original Village Inn. Inside, more extensive renovation creates a very typically modern Chinese aesthetic, although keeping the booths along two walls still evoke the coffee-shop structure of the previous tenant. There are some nice touches, such as plastic chopsticks instead of throwaway wooden ones. Presentation is a little fancier than Din Ho or First Chinese BBQ. Fish fillet with corn sauce, for example, was served on a large plate bordered by cucumber fans and thin orange slices. The fish (grouper?) had a nice "bite" to it, like scallops.

It's only been open for two weeks, so they're still working things out. So far, it's looking good.

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