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Hiba, Borough, London


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Hiba, Borough, London

limster | | Nov 25, 2007 07:14 AM

Drawn into this Lebanese place by the promise of a raw lamb kibbeh, I found that they've discontinued the dish.

The hummous is good, smooth, a bit heavy on the tahini, but nicely smoothened over by a pool of olive oil and a little pile of chick peas.

Makanek is savoury but basic, the pinenuts embedded in the meat providing mostly textural contrast rather than aroma. A thin and vinegary sauce which is fine if applied judiciously. Asked for toom, but none came...

Little spinach and pinenut filled pastries were ordinary, lukewarm on the inside and a touch plain, as if premade, frozen and baked as needed.

Pretty good tray of baklava, sweet and nutty, and fairly crispy filo that was not overwhelmed by the honey.