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Help! Healthy Food that Doesn't Taste Like It


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Help! Healthy Food that Doesn't Taste Like It

milkyway4679 | Jul 7, 2010 04:23 PM

Alright, so long story short, I need to lose weight. I am not looking for a quick fix, or to do it ridiculously fast. I've tried the "eat healthy" but it's boring. I have no interest in eating plain grilled chicken and salad for the rest of my life. I like flavor, and color, and richness to my food. I like to enjoy every meal. But, losing weight needs to happen sadly. So, I need help! I am also learning how to cook for myself as I am moving into my first apartment this fall. So, I have the summer to get a set of dishes that I can make easily so that I do not fall into the trap of fast food. I have no campus meal plan so I can't fall back on that either. Basically, I am forcing myself to make changes. I've done Weight Watchers, dieted, etc, and have interest in doing so ever again. I want to eat enjoyable food, but not feel like I am missing out when my friends are eating junk food whenever they want. Please help! What do you make that is healthy, but tastes good? I love spices, any kind of meat, tofu, vegetables, fruits, grains of all sorts, and I have no allergies. I eat foreign food and local food. I am not picky! (Which is probably how I got to this weight...) Can you help?

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