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Hau Giang for bahn mi and sweets


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Hau Giang for bahn mi and sweets

Eric Eto | | Oct 1, 2002 04:47 PM

This weekend, I got a chance to sample a few things from Hau Giang in Dorchester (located in a strip mall on Dot Ave at the intersection of Bay St, just south of Savin Hill). They have an extensive listing of bahn mi, though it wasn't translated, so I didn't get the full rundown. I got a roasted meat bahn mi, and it was quite good. They also have a big fridge case and counter full of all kinds of great looking sweets. They are all made on the premises, and when the place is not jammed, the owner is quite friendly and will explain what they are. I tried the sweet rice with bean & coconut milk pudding, sweet rice with banana & coconut milk pudding, sweet rice with corn & coconut milk pudding, the layered green tapioca flour and coconut (jello-like) cake. There were probably about a dozen other sweets in the fridge case that looked good as well as interesting -- like the sweet rice with mushroom dessert.

The strip mall was jammed on Sunday morning (there's also a pho place and a vietnamese grocery in the same strip mall), and a good line at the counter at Hau Giang. I've also eaten dinner there earlier in the week, and while the food wasn't that great, I get the sense that there could be some hidden jewels on that menu. It's a real down-home kind of place, not your typical pho and bun house, so if there's some house or family specialty, it could be a revelation. This sense comes from tasting those sweets and the variety they offer there. Seems like a lot of care to be offering so much.

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