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Hanci Turkish Cuisine - quick review


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Hanci Turkish Cuisine - quick review

emgoodman | | Mar 1, 2009 06:13 PM

Based on Ed Levine's review (linked below), we went to Hanci Turkish Cuisine (55th and 10th Ave), on Friday night. We live in the neighborhood, although I can't say that we head to 10th Ave too often (with so many great 9th Ave options). Hanci was terrific though, and definitely worth the extra avenue walk. We had the cold app sampler, which was very good and a good size. Quick tip - the bread served with the sampler and meal is very good, although our second basket was warmer and had a perfect crisp - I'd recommend making sure your bread is warmed. We also got the fried calf's liver, which was good and served with a good tomato and onion salad. It was my first time eating calf's liver, so I don't have much means of comparison. Finally, we had the lamb shank special. It was very tender (requisite "fall off the bone" characteristic). We left with leftovers and enough to make a good lunch the next day. It's BYOB for now, which of course is a great touch. A highlight of the evening was a personal meet + greet by the owner (Yakob (sp?). He was making his rounds, making sure to chat with everyone in the restaurant. He was so nice and appreciative that we were enjoying his food! He was particularly happy that I tried calf's liver for the first time. His wife is working at the restaurant, as well as his daughter. I wouldn't say that Hanci is a destination place, but it's definitely a great neighborhood spot, especially considering the welcoming and friendly ownership.