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Hamersley's--quite good as usual, but oddly stingy with the prosciutto...


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Hamersley's--quite good as usual, but oddly stingy with the prosciutto...

rambuteau | | Jun 26, 2006 08:03 PM

My husband and I had a largely pleasant dinner at Hamersley's on Friday night. We ate in the bar area, and the bartender, whose name I don't know, was great--very friendly and helpful, and just all-around lovely to interact with. I have always really liked this restaurant, and for the most part we had a good meal--I had a crab and avocado salad, which was a bit too lemony but overall quite yummy (the pea/pistachio mixture on the side didn't really work for me, but there was plenty of crab and avocado so I hardly noticed), and the chicken, which I had never tried before and which, I will be the billionth person to report, was really great--so moist, delicious skin, and the broth it was sitting in was so flavorful and delicious. I would have liked a different starch other than the one sort of weird baked piece of potato in the middle of the two pieces of chicken, but they have good bread there so it wasn't as if I was suffering. My husband had the tenderloin as an entree and said it was very good, though from where I sat I thought it seemed hard to imagine that it was good enough to warrant the $38 price tag (it wasn't very big, and there didn't seem to be anything exciting to accompany it, though I honestly can't quite remember), but he didn't have any complaints. We ordered the bumbleberry pie for dessert and were then told that it wasn't up to the kitchen's standards, so they bought us whatever other dessert we wanted, which we thought was exceedingly nice. The only real downer to the evening was my husband's appetizer, which was the shaved prosciutto with grilled plums. We were told that they didn't have plums and were substituting melon, which was fine with him, but when it came it was just so, well, pathetic--such a tiny amount of prosciutto, you could have fit the entire portion in your mouth in one bite and talked through your chewing. And though melon might be a traditional accompaniment, it just seemed so sad compared to the idea of the grilled plums, and with the terribly scant portion of prosciutto, the whole thing seemed like a terrible waste of $14. All in all, a nice dinner out, but the skimpiness of that prosciutto dish might be enough to dissuade me from returning any time soon--I actually prefer portions to be of reasonable size, but this really bordered on the insulting.

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