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Help! Halal chicken and rice cart of my youth!


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Help! Halal chicken and rice cart of my youth!

Bricho | | Dec 2, 2012 06:53 AM

So after graduating from college in the late 90s, my first job was in the Met Life building.... On one of my first days I walked out onto the 45th street plaza and saw some co-workers on the line for a cart. When i tried the chicken and rice from the cart that day, it really was the beginning of a love affair! Literally for the next three years, I had the chicken and rice from that cart at least twice a week. Unfortunately, i left for grad school about 45 pounds heavier. During trips back to NY though, I would stop by to visit old co-workers and hit the cart.... In their infinite stupidity, the Met Life building forced the carts out and this one particular cart moved to 46th st through the Helmsley walkway and about 50 feet east towards Lexington...... However, that turned out to be a less lucrative spot and the cart just disappeared.

Now as I approach 40....ive had a ton, literally a ton, of street meat over the last decade from all over the city and i dream of that first halal cart. The guy only sold chicken and it was boneless chicken thighs that had an orange hue to it. Likewise, the rice was also a bright orange hue with the only other accompaniements some iceberg lettuce, a slice or two of tomato, your choice of sauces, and the final topping of some grilled onions. Of the dozens of carts ive tried, none have come close...the rice from 53rd and 6th is very similar but their chicken is ao much blander than the chicken from my first beloved cart...

If someone knows of this carts whereabouts or of a similar cart please help! Obviously its been over 15 years but I can't be the only one who worked around Met Life in the 90s and longs for this specific cart....