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Is hair in food "really a health hazard"


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Is hair in food "really a health hazard"

paulispumonti | Feb 1, 2009 06:11 PM

OK, so, I don't ever recall going to my Dr. for a hair-borne illness........but in the midst of my 9-layer Super-Bowl dip, i found a hair, again!!!!! So I ask myself, what's the lesser of the 2 evils, double-dipping or the alien hair?

I seem to find hair in everything the bottom of my bowl of oatmeal, clinging to a hard-boiled egg, entrenched in my moo-shu pork, suspended in orange marmalade, floating in a bowl of's like that Beatle's song....Hair, There, and Everywhere....and it's really beginning to piss me off......but I just deal with it, carefully removing the hair with a fingernail or a cuticle scissor....continuing to eat, but just not the immediate area of the hair finding.......and then I wonder if it was my own hair ( unless it's it's blonde, blue or red, green, yellow, or fuschia-certainly not in my DNA) ....drifting southward from an eyebrow perhaps.......

But i don't really care, because everywhere is hair, a protein that's there, and can be found in a burger, medium rare....look closely next time, if you dare, it may not be human, but bovine my dear GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!

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