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grill pan vs. portable grill

rmarisco | | Oct 6, 2013 08:05 AM

I'm having problems deciding between a cast iron grill pan (such as a le creuset or staub) or a small portable propane outdoor grill (such as the cuisinart CGG 200


The motivation is simple: we have a big green egg, which is loved and coddled by my grillmaster husband, but we were thinking of something for not only quicker dinners but smaller surface size. The cost isn't the issue; it's more convenience and quality. I realize if I get the portable grill it's still outdoor cooking, so that has it's advantaged and disadvantages: we live in CA so the weather is good, and it would mean my husband would do 90%+ of the cooking. Indoors would be super quick, never need to worry about the propane running out, but I would be do most of the cooking.

Can anyone give personal experience to recommend one over the other?

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