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Great Grilling Tricks

NAtiveNewYorker | | Jul 13, 2007 09:01 AM

Here are a few of mine. What are yours?

1. Use a metal chimney (looks like a huge metal coffee mug with a screen bottom) to start your briquettes. Paper goes underneath, a few Match Light briquettes on the bottom, and then normal briquettes to fill. The metal chimney is less than $10 at Wal Mart and makes ALL the difference. 20 minutes after you light the paper, the briquettes are ready

2. Place a foil tin in the middle of the fire pit and then pour your (now lit) briquettes around the foil. Now you have a cool spot in the middle of your grill for keeping meat warm when it's almost done.

3. Thin sliced Russet potatoes take a while to grill, but when they are done they are healthy versions of fries.

4. Scrape clean your grill (with a metal brush) just before you add the food. The grill will be hot and easier to scrape than after the meal, when the grill is cooler.

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