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great little cuban lunch place downtown


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great little cuban lunch place downtown

wonki | | Apr 3, 1999 06:52 PM

eating lots of stuff with passion fruit lately reminded
me of this great little cuban place next to the world
trade center where i used to grab lunch every week.
it's called sophie's, and it's on greenwich street. it
probably just opened up about a year and a half ago.
small little place, probably can't hold more than
twenty people seated at a time, but they have takeout
as well. all the dishes are visible up front so you
can pick what you want. me and my buddy from work used
to go there at least once a week for lunch, and usually
more. they have great homemade beef patties. also,
excellent pressed sandwiches, cuban, steak and chicken.
i personally preferred the chicken. great with some
red hot sauce and green hot sauce (which is homemade).
they also have very good picadillo and they have a set
menu for every day of the week. excellent bang for the
buck because everything comes with rice and beans and
usually a whole meal is about $7. if you have alot of
work to do in the afternoon, though, you'd best avoid
this place, as it'll definitely put you in food coma
you'll be so full. and of course, they have excellent
passion fruit shakes which i miss like crazy. i
haven't been there in a year because i switched jobs
and am now stationed near grand central. does anyone
know of any places like that near me? i'm dying for
something like that. sophie's was a savior for the
daily lunch scene downtown. well, hope you enjoy.
have a passion fruit shake and a beef patty for me.