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Great Burgers at Wize Apples in Alamosa, CO


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Great Burgers at Wize Apples in Alamosa, CO

BananaBirkLarsen | | May 7, 2014 02:00 PM

Just wanted to drop in a recommendation for this great burger joint in Alamosa. We were driving through town on our way from Santa Fe to the Sand Dunes and all my CH pre-trip research turned up was a bunch of jokes about how the best food in Alamosa was two hours down the road in the next town. Fortunately, we asked some guy on the street if there was anywhere to get good burgers and he told us about Wize Apples. It doesn't look like much from the outside -- a rundown adobe house with a sign, on the side of the road just over the bridge -- but wow can they make a burger!

I ordered the spicy apple-bacon-cheddar burger and the BF got the green chile-bacon-guac burger. Both were excellent. Perfectly balanced, with a medium-sized patty (I'd guess 1/3 pound) and lots of toppings. Flavourful beef that was assertively beefy, without overpowering the toppings. I would have preferred that the apple on my burger be either raw or grilled instead of gloopy-sweet pie-filling-style, but that's my only nitpick in what was otherwise an excellent burger. BF said that his was possibly the best burger he'd ever had. The fries are fried dark and tasty and they have Odell on tap, which is a special treat for those of us from out of state. Their prices are very reasonable. 2 burgers and fries plus 2 pints plus tip came to around $30.

A word of warning: between the burger and the fries, they give you a TON of food. We tried to eat it all, but it was just impossible. Looking around, a lot of the locals seemed to eat only half the meal and take the rest home in a box. Next time, I would definitely go in with a similar strategy.

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