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What's a good canned/boxed chicken broth/stock?


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What's a good canned/boxed chicken broth/stock?

luvarugula | Jun 18, 2009 04:29 AM

Two recipes recently suggest strongly against using canned/boxed chicken broth. One was a risotto recipe I read last week on chowhound, and the other in the NYT yesterday...Mark Bittman's recipe for West African Peanut Soup w/ Chicken..."refrain from using canned stock". The chowhound recipe said do not bother to make the recipe with canned or boxed broth, it's not the same. So, I didn't.

I have never had too much success in making my own homemade chicken stock/broth (it looks and tastes like dishwater), so I tend to buy my stock/broth in the tall boxes. I usually try and get the Organic Pacific brand, which I think is fine for making soups. I've seen brands by famous chef's, i.e. Wolgang, Emeril and Rachel...they tend to name theirs stock, as opposed to broth. Is there really a difference? Also, I noticed that one of the Pacific brands is unnaturally yellow, it may be the free-range one. It makes me think they add food coloring to it...a little scary.

Anyway, can someone tell me if there is a store-bought brand out there that taste good and resembles a homemade stock, or at least comes close. What do you use?

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