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Globe Bistro for Lunch . . . hmmm . . .


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Globe Bistro for Lunch . . . hmmm . . .

Nelson | | May 2, 2008 01:17 PM

A loyal Globe Bistro fan, went last week for the first time at lunch: very disappointed at small portions, sloppy service and high bill. Birthday guest had complained en route about restaurants that leave you hungry after a hefty bill; I assured her that Globe was reliable for it's generous portions. Apparently only at dinner!! We didn't leave hungry after 6 oysters and crab cakes, Cumbrae crisp pork belly and pappardelle respectively only because we had another 6 oysters for dessert . . . bill for two with water and tip was $140.00.

Food quality was adequate, but well short of the usual dinnertime magnificence: pork belly was moist and tender, but flabby, not at all crisp; $16 seemed reasonable until the plate arrived with just three meagre slivers. (Thought they may have been running out as the next table had a much more generous portion when we sat down). The artfully described "spring" pappardelle (mushrooms, sweet peas and Parmesan truffle butter) was basically tasteless--no hint of Parmesan or truffle.

Was also somewhat nonplussed to be seated in the bar area, although I suppose understandable given the lighting situation and eventual opening of the sidewalk area. . . not helped by a new or confused hostess who seemed bewildered at the whole affair.

The entire experience left the feeling that a second string team was in charge for lunch service: flashes of demonstrated Globe Bistro excellence, but general failure to deliver.

I'll be back as usual for dinner, but think I'll skip lunch next time.