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Funky Crab?

Skunk2Racer | | Jan 7, 2008 03:43 PM

Has anyone else had Bad Crab? Last seasons end bought 2 live crab from the chinese market. Had them steamed and brought them home to clean & crack. Upon opening the body the usually yellowish Goop in the body was a Nasty Funky Green color. That and the smell made me chuck them. Ok It's seasons end so i dismiss it. However Last week at Lyons in Newark I bought 3 crab all were fine . But Saturday at Ranch 99 in milpitas i bought 4 crabs 2 were fine but the last 2 were the same Foul Green. Anyone know what causes this? And Should I take the Crab back for replacement? I Know they eat "Crap" off the bottom of the ocean. Is it Oil or some other Foul substance? I'm almost ready to write off crab. Help???!!!

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