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fruitcake questions


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fruitcake questions

soccermom13 | | Jan 22, 2012 04:51 AM

For my entire life, I have HATED fruitcake. I have horrible memories of fruitcakes with citron, which I hate, and lots of dates, which I am not fond of.

But this year, someone gave us a fruitcake which was a revelation to me---it was fabulous! None of that nasty citron, and it tasted wonderful.

I got her recipe and I've made several variations of it, including my current fave which includes only these dried fruits---mangoes and cherries, plus pecans (lots), some dried pineapple, and marashino (sp?) cherries.

A couple of questions:
**I have lots of hazelnuts in the freezer. Which dried fruits would work well with hazelnuts?
**Re dried fruits---I do not want to use dates, raisins, figs, or prunes (and probably some other fruits I can't remember at this time). I like dried apricots, cherries, and mangoes. Any other dried fruits I should consider?
**I love using pecans because they become delightfully toasted and crunchy with the long slow baking time. Would almonds also be a good choice in fruitcake?
**If anyone has a fruitcake recipe they love, pls tell me where to find it. I'd like to experiment with other batters (eg the non fruit and nut part of the fruitcake).

I also realized that one thing I like about fruitcake are the end pieces and the top and bottom because the nuts in those areas are extra delicious. So I am now using those incredibly small loaf pans (about 3 inches by 2 inches by about 1.5 inches tall) to maximize the outside to inside ratio.

If anyone wants to share any fruitcake advice or comments, I'd be grateful.