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All-Fruit Bars Recipes?


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All-Fruit Bars Recipes?

brownie | | Sep 13, 2012 08:16 AM

Hi All,

You know those bars you can buy at, say, Whole Foods--they're all dried fruit, no nuts, no grains, just fruit, at least I'm pretty sure they're all fruit. Anyway, my 3 year old loves them and asked me if we can find a recipe (pointed to the laptop) for them. I bought one at WF the other day, though, of course, threw out the wrapper. I'd love to find a recipe for them that we could make together. The one he liked was raspberry but as long as it's red, he'll be happy.

Everything I found online had either nuts or grains. I'm not opposed to either, but he liked the texture of the all-fruit.

I'm figuring it's something like putting various dried fruits in the food processor and then forming into bars? If anyone has an actual recipe, I'd love to see it!