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Best Frozen Pizza

jhopp217 | | Nov 12, 2011 10:43 PM

I live in Westchester NY and ten years ago, I could go anywhere within five minutes of where I live and get a quality slice. Now, not so much. There are a few good thin slice places, but you need to buy a pie and sometimes they aren't so great for takeout because they get cold so quickly. I always used to get Tombstone, but they are a little big and pricey for one person. So when I got laid off, I tried a few smaller ones (and cheaper). Surprisingly, Ive found the cheapest one to be the best. Celeste individual pizzas are about $1.25 ($1 when on sale) and to me are a perfect size with a little salad for lunch or dinner. At only 370-420 calories, they are also the best for my waist.

What are some others people like that are good and cost effective?

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