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Food Themed Halloween Costumes


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Food Themed Halloween Costumes

SaraAshley | Oct 11, 2013 10:41 AM

So, I've been seeing a lot Halloween threads lately, and inspired by my own Halloween costumes both last year and this year, I decided to start a thread on food themed Halloween costumes.

Have you ever dressed up in a food themed Halloween costume? Please share! If not, what are some of your favorites that you have seen?

Last year I went as a lime wedge for a tequila shot. I had a sequined dress that was designed to look like a lime wedge. I then carried around a big bottle of Jose Cuervo, wore a light up plastic shot glass around my neck, and voila! That's right Halloween costumes are nothing if not classy!

This year I will be doing a wine theme, with the base of my costume being grapes. It's a 2 piece outfit with lots of straps on the arms and around the thighs to look like vines, and then the top and bottom both have grape like appliques on them. I will embellish with wine things, but I haven't decided exactly what all I am going to do yet.

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