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Is Fondue back? - The Melting Pot opinions.


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Is Fondue back? - The Melting Pot opinions.

rworange | Oct 18, 2005 03:57 AM

The Melting Pot just opened its first two restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area and seems to be agressivly invading with four more to follow soon.

I just stopped by for a drink today and to scope the place out. The wine selection was very nice, if a bit pricy. The location in Larkspur California has a wine list of about 250 wines with probably about 20 available by the glass. There's some good ones in there too.

How's the food? For some reason I find this funny, but they actually pair the wines with the fondues. So there are fondue / wine flights.

I asked the terrific bartender (what a surprise for the suburbs) if all franchices had the same selection of wines. He said they pretty much did, but being a franchise the owner had some discretion.

So what is your experience here? What to order, if anything. What to avoid?

Anyone been to more than one and found differences?

I guess the first one opened in Florida in the 1970's when fondue was the trend of the moment and every house had a fondue pot. Recently from their website it seems they are expanding and currently have 100 locations across the country.



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