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Should I use foil in a smoker?


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Should I use foil in a smoker?

TastyJon | | Dec 29, 2005 02:56 PM

I recently purchased a smoker (where the coals are in a spearate side section). I managed to get a consitent temp of 220 degrees for several hours.

My first meal was 2 racks of dry-rubbed baby back ribs.

I also smoked a small (5 lb) boneless turkey.

The ribs turned out o.k. - perhaps a bit dry. I usually cook them in the oven in foil pouches where I add/trap moisture, then finish them off on the BBQ.

The turkey turned out perfect. I can't really recall if it was particularly dry or not - but then again I like dry, cold turkey over freshly cooked juicy bird.

In any case, I just loaded up at the store and have:

- another small turkey
- some regular pork ribs
- some chunky beef ribs

For the latter two, I was wondering if starting them in a foil wrap in the smoker might help with moisture - or if becuase they are fattier - to just leave as is.

Likewsie, I caught a recent episode of License to Grill on Discovery Home and he smoked a small turkey, but injected it with marinades in advance, adding moisture.

Any tips from seasoned smokers on how to retain moisture while also achieving the goals of smoking?

Thanks, Jon