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"Flouring" cake pans with sugar


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"Flouring" cake pans with sugar

greygarious | | Sep 30, 2008 09:41 AM

I think I first heard this on Martha Stewart's show: when a cake recipe calls for greasing and flouring a pan, instead of flour use some of the white sugar from the amount called for in the recipe, shaking the excess back into the dry ingredients. If using a big pan, like a 9x13, you might want to add a tsp or so of sugar since you're removing more from the batter than with a smaller pan. You'd think this would make the cake stick to the sides of the pan, but it releases just as well as flour. As with using cocoa powder to "flour" pans for chocolate cake, using sugar means no chance of unsightly white on the edges of the baked cake. More importantly, the sugar promotes deeper browning/flavor, and imparts a slight crispness to the edge of the cake. One caveat is not to bake on the lowest rack position, as sugar will scorch more easily. Middle position at 350-375 degrees is no problem. This is particularly nice on a quick-bread loaf and in cupcakes.

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