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Flatiron - Calgary

sharonanne | | Dec 10, 2008 11:34 AM

Tried a new place at the busy corner of 32 ave and Barlow. It may be a chain but we've never heard of it before.

Glitzy, red lit reception desk, shiny black marble all over and one of those long thin gas fireplaces behind glass.

I had the crispy mushroom risotto balls (an app but I was told they were large) which turned out to be 3 balls the size of tennis balls (or maybe smaller) on a red sauce (red pepper? not strong enough flavor to tell). They were good, not overly mushroomy and maybe a little small for lunch especially compared to the hamburgers. Since they were the same price I did kind of expect they would be equivalent to the burgers but my own fault as I knew they were meant as an appy.

The others had burgers, one with a caesar salad (good) and the other with fries (good, not great). All were around $12 at lunch.

The service was friendly, prompt and attentive. Our server was familiar with the menu which is something since the place is pretty new.

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