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Favorite Mail-Order Chocolateir?


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Favorite Mail-Order Chocolateir?

puppymomma | Jan 8, 2007 02:36 PM

I've recently been trying out some chocolates through mail-order.

I loved Garrison's Confections, but didn't even like Nirvana Chocolates (through Chocolate Source). I was mediochre with Swan's chocolates.

I am waiting on an order from Hauser Chocolates.

What are your favorite mail-order chocolates?

I especially liked ordering from Hauser (in CT) because they let me choose which types of chocolates to put in the box. Also, I didn't have to pay $15.00 for shipping. I'm odd, but I don't like chocolates made with hazlenuts, and so many places do so much with hazelnuts!

Do you have any recommendations?

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