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Favorite Cold Noodles in SGV?

JThur01 | | Jul 6, 2014 03:01 PM

Since it's Summer and it's hot, what's everyone's favorite places for cold noodles in the SGV? All types of Chinese cold noodles: sesame noodles, spicy, naengmyeon. I'm looking for different versions/variations, maybe even liang pi.

Full disclosure, yes, this will be for an article. Article, not list (at least I won't *submit* it as a list).

Before the rants and fist shaking starts, I ask for a reason which isn't "copying" I know *my* favorites and am simply seeking other places I might have missed from people whose opinions I respect. The sheer scope of the hundreds of restaurants makes me realize the distinct possibility I might have overlooked some really good places. That despite the usual suspects coming up most often here when discussion turns to cold noodles.

Plus, I would have a tendency to eat at places recommended by CHers whether I was writing something or not. I mean fer Pete's sake, I even ate Kung Pao Chicken because ipsedixit recommended it* So, there is that... :-)

*and he was absolutely right, it was great!