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fastmex---how to, really quickly


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Home Cooking

fastmex---how to, really quickly

dragonfare | | Aug 24, 2007 08:12 PM

Anybody chime in with their own shortcuts: here's mine.
Chicken Stew a la Mexicana: hot.
Chicken breasts, boneless skinless. However many you need, in pan with virgin olive oil, med-low heat [about 6 on an electric range]
Cover liberally with chili powder, both sides.
Dust with: chipotle chili powder.
Dust with: ground cumin and nutmeg.
Add good amount of jalapenos, sliced.
Cook until done. Cut chicken into 1" slices.
Add half a cup [or more] sharp cheddar.
A cup of sour cream [lite is ok].
Cook a few minutes more to make sauce.

Heat: chili beans.

Serve on same plate.

Makes nice Mexican flavor supper, feeds as many as you have chicken for: adjust the spicing to suit amount of chicken, but don't be afraid of the cumin, nutmeg and chipotle.

The beans help cool it down a bit.

And for ANYone who's not quite grown up with jalapenos, never use carbonated beverage like colas to cool it down [only makes it worse] and never taste a jalapeno or other hot pepper with the edge or tip of your tongue: this is painful. Natives of the southwest know to use iced tea or beer or wine; and to ONLY put a jalapeno in the center of your tongue, which is remarkably void of the taste receptors your tongue edge has in such abundance.