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fall menu at tides

djk | | Nov 6, 2006 03:25 PM

i know there are many postings for tides but i thought i'd start yet another one since it's about the fall menu. and the fall menu is worth mentioning. had an excellent meal there last week, the lobster roll's seasonal herb for fall is cilantro with lemon zest and it's great. i've taken to sharing this as an appetizer so i can try more dishes and i'm glad i did. the scallops are fabulous, with a side of fufu and chick peas in a tomato/jalapeno/garlic puree, fried honeyed eggplant that rarely leaves my thoughts - not greasy, not overly sweet, the bouillabaisse with a lovely combo of seafood inckuding pan fried cod which was a nice difference and a delicious but not insanely garlicky aioli, mussels and chorizo stew that i didn't taste but hear was's just all really, really and the kitchen seems to be at the top of its game. don't wait for the winter menu!

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