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Fall Dinner Party Ideas for Trip Across the Border


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Home Cooking Dinner Party Dinner Fall

Fall Dinner Party Ideas for Trip Across the Border

travelingfool | | Sep 26, 2012 04:24 PM

Every year a group of my girlfriends drag the hubbies along for a trip to a family summer house in the Canadian side of the Thousand Islands (10 of us in all, plus kids under 1 year).

I've been wanting to host a "fancy" dinner party at our house, but rather than do that I volunteered to take the "fancy" dinner party across the border. Now I'm totally stuck on menu and logistics so I'd greatly appreciate ideas!

Since this house is more a vacation home the cooking supplies are not the strongest, but I can bring some stuff along or make due. One of the areas I'm stuck is a few of the guys are very much the "meat and potatos" types with a virtual total aversion to any kind of vegetable on earth. On the other hand I have tortured my husband over the years and turned him into the adventuresome and creative eater and cook that I am.

Appetizers - stuck on this

Soup course rather than salad............(although considering eliminating entirely)

Main dish -- Possibly a pork loin or coq a vin or cornish game hen...I've been on a cinnamon and bay leaf kick lately so if anyone has any good recipes for cornish game hen that would give a little bit of a different kick to it, that would be amazing! (My favorite pork loin rub involves cinnamon + cloves + cumin + red pepper...etc etc etc if you get the idea!)

Sides - Possibly risotto of some Asparagus and green beans are the only two vegetables I can think of that are safe bets...but something like potatoes seems like way too many starches

Dessert -- I'm not a big dessert person so I'm stuck on this as well.

If anyone can offer any inspiration on my stalled out menu I'd be soooo appreciative! The trip is a blast and I looove to cook for friends...would love for this menu to be a special one!