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Truly excellent pastries?


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Truly excellent pastries?

thursday | | Sep 6, 2009 03:33 PM

I'm on the quest for some really stellar pastries for my husband's birthday tomorrow - he has requested a bunch of his favorite pastries in lieu of cake...but we have yet to discover any bakeries that he feels fits the bill.

The quest:
Cream puffs - light, fluffy, and a custard-y filling rather than whipped cream. I've been steered toward Beard Papa's, but would probably be going to the Hollywood and Highland location - anyone know if these fit the bill?
Cannoli - I'm going to try Monte Carlo Deli in Burbank, because we've heard good things, but other suggestions welcome. Looking for not too sweet filling and authentic - chocolate chip or pistachio is fine, but not dipped in chocolate.
Eclairs - pate a choux, custard filling, chocolate icing - none of this whipped cream-filled, caramel covered stuff.
Napoleon - same requirements - puff pastry, not cake layers; custard not whipped cream; white or brown chocolate on top, but not caramel or mocha or the like
And if I can find them - sfogilatelle. That's for me. =) I haven't found a good one since I left NY.

We're near Burbank, but will be heading down to Disney for a few hours tomorrow as well, so Burbank, Studio City, Sherman Oaks areas are great, as are really anywhere easily accessible off the 5 or the 101 - I'm not too familiar with anywhere that's not Hollywood or the SFV, but since we'll be passing through the whole Southland...

Thanks, chowhounders!