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Excellent BBQ - Blauvelt


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Excellent BBQ - Blauvelt

georgeb | | Jun 26, 2006 08:48 PM

Just had the best BBQ brisket that I have had since I moved to upstate from Austin 20 odd years ago.

Bailey's Bar (and now Smokehouse) is an Irish-style bar (you won't have to worry about your car burning or being stolen, since I observed a bunch of NYPD and FDNY tshirts being worn) that also has a smoker and someone who knows how to use it in the back.

I had the smoked brisket sandwich, sliced medium, a bit of sauce on the meat and the roll, with fries and coleslaw as an accompaniment, for $8.50.

They also have ribs, pulled pork, and a "barbecuban" sandwich, all of which I will be trying soon.

But, for me, the brisket is the test, and I will be back, I'm sure.

They are located on Erie St. in Blauvelt, about 1/4 mile from Route 303.