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....Estilo de....

kare_raisu | | Oct 9, 2006 05:16 AM

On my explorations of the local latino culinary scene, I have noticed this term to come up quite a bit. I believe a rough translation would be: style of...

For example, today I saw "Borrego Estilo P...(achuga?), Hidalgo.

It really gives me pleasure to see that people are proud of their traditions and patrimony. This, and the honorific sense it imparts on a dish as well as the refreshing sense of history -- cuisine was once inextricably bound to your surroundings (only local herbs, veg, livestock etc).

So much for or magic 1000 mile traveling food of today...

While I have not researched throughly into this tradition, I have only seen it usually attached with Mexican states, and even towns- as above and as mentioned in Rworange's SF board post on a bread from an extremely small town in Michoacan.

So I ask chowhounds out there if they have seen this and if so would they contribute the example. This would be a great thread to have in the archive to preserve this wonderful tradition and to have to search.

Many thanks for bearing with this tangent post.