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Errol's Caribbean Bakery - Lefferts Gardens/Flatbush


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Errol's Caribbean Bakery - Lefferts Gardens/Flatbush

Lochina | | Jul 5, 2009 05:26 PM

Just wanted to put in a good word for this incredibly charming, incredibly delicious little Caribbean takeout joint on Flatbush Ave. Stopped in with three other friends around midnight last week after the Dr. Dog show in Prospect Park. It was empty but within minutes filled up with regulars and lively chatter. A friend and I both got the small order of Stew Chicken (with rice and peas, cabbage and two pieces of plantains) for $5, one friend got the Curry Chicken and one friend got the Saltfish and Ackee. Everything was delicious, but I must say that the stew chicken was the winner. Tender pieces of white and dark meat on the bone, not really stewed down but incredibly tender and brown from a rich, slightly spicy sauce. The portion was huge, too much for me to eat in one sitting and it made for tasty leftovers the next night. There is also, of course, a sizable selection of house-baked items, like loaves of white and wheat breads, all kinds of sweet buns, turnovers and two standout items: a "bread pudding" (both white and whole wheat available) which was really like a square of dense cinnamon-scented custard studded with raisins ($1.50 for a HUGE slice--GREAT breakfast!) and a "corn pudding" which was similar but sweeter and with cornmeal (also $1.50). FINALLY, there are amazing homemade juices available--my friend ordered carrot, which was really like a carrot smoothie with grated carrot, sugar, coconut milk and cinnamon. Just great.

Apart from the food being delectable and cheap, the staff were so, so friendly. This is a family place: mom was packing up the goods to go, and her two sons were taking orders. As we were a group of four young white people walking in late at night, they were fawning over us a bit, but were equally friendly and welcoming to all the customers they served that night. It's a real neighborhood gem. Please go and report back!

Errol's Caribbean Bakery
661 Flatbush Ave. at Hawthorne St.
Brooklyn, NY 11225
(718) 469-6078‎

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