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How Would You Enjoy a Whole Jamon Iberico?


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How Would You Enjoy a Whole Jamon Iberico?

pilinut | Jan 21, 2010 09:45 PM

What can I say? It was half price. Now I have a whole, bone-in jamon Iberico, still vacuum packed after a week while I work out a strategy for maximizing the utility of this precious comestible.

Should I remove all, most, or just the immediately necessary external fat? (By external I mean the slightly moldy/rancid layer of fat?

If there's any excess "sweet" fat, is there something I can use it for, other than eating it straight?

At what point do I have to empty my fridge and stick the ham in it? Or can I saw off the lower leg at the knee? (Of course, I intend to keep it, preferably cutting the bony part into smaller pieces to use in fabada or other stews.)

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