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Endorsement: El Nopalito


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Endorsement: El Nopalito

misohungrychewlow | | Mar 11, 2010 08:40 PM

This hungry chulo had a mid-afternoon meeting out on the west side and elected to take a late lunch before going out there -- off-peak increases the chances for a quick lunch in a small or very popular place, verdad? I went in, sized it up and sat down like the other 6-8 patrons in the small green-painted room. Most everyone was chatting in Mexican/Spanish but the ladies tending the room conversed with this gringo cheerfully in English.

I love burros but I opted for four street tacos at a buck apiece. No carnitas available, but I had the carne asada, al pastor (pork), adobada (puerco again) and chicken, which is pollo por los gringos out there. I had a diet Coke (sue me, okay?) in a plastic bottle ($1.99!!! practically the most expensive thing on the menu!) but I saw the tell-tale scarred glass bottles of Coke on the other tables.

They all were very tasty -- delicious, in fact. I should have had eight or nine of them. Next time? Nah -- I'll get a burro, check out the beans ... the salsas were decent. The red was servicable; the green was better with more kick and texture.

I dug it and I will return someday.

The only downside was after I parked I navigated around a, um, bum who was forking in a salad a few feet away from the door. I'm a city boy and used to bums and all that -- some may say I'm a bum too -- I only wondered where he got the salad and did he prefer it al fresco or would he have enjoyed it more inside.

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