Ella Valley Winery, Israel


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Ella Valley Winery, Israel

LaurenceJ | | Dec 19, 2006 01:47 AM

On our last trip to visit family we went wine touring around Jerusalem. One of the six vineyards we visited was a beautiful place outside of Jerusalem called Ella Valley. Met the owner, did the tastings and brought back several great bottles, 2003 yr I believe. Hand carried of course and no breakage, ah. Can't do that now unfortunately. One of the questions I asked while there was is their wine is marketed in the States. Yes, was the reply, they have a distributer in NYC. Anyone ever seen Ella Valley wines here in the states, specifically their Muscato wine. They have a great web site, and even a greater location in Israel to visit, but they do not answer their e-mail's, as I have sent several with no results. Any tips would greatly be appreciated, my next step is to call them on the phone.

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