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My egg dilema

DipCone | Sep 22, 2010 07:55 AM

So, I complained recently that the egg-lady at the LJ farmer's market sold eggs that were far below the quality I expected. The shells seemed weaker, and the whites and yolks didn't stand up like I expected. Last week, I tried the Hillcrest market, and bought two dozen from the egg stand there. Very similar results. On closer look at both cartons, I noticed the eggs were graded AA, not A. (Grade AA eggs are inferior.)

So my question is this: WHY are farmers selling lesser quality eggs at a farmers market? Where do the Grade A eggs go? And if I can't get them at my farmer's market, where exactly do I go to buy fresh, small-producer eggs that are Grade A? I am so surprised (and frankly, bummed out) by this. Does anyone have any background or insider knowledge they can share with me?

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