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egon61 | | Apr 8, 2007 05:14 PM

I notice there aren't a lot of Edmonton posts on here. Just moved here a month ago and here are a few places I've had good meals:

Gabbana (on Jasper next to Sicilian Pasta Kitchen)
- nice original choices in the "asian fusion" type category...e.g. kai lan served as a side with beef

Flavours (on Whyte Ave.)

Wild Tangerine (104th Ave. & about 112th St., same plaza as Starbucks)

Sicilian Pasta Kitchen (on Jasper Ave. & about 112th St.)
- nothing earth shattering here, but very solid execution, fresh pasta, nice salads, and thin-crust pizza (which seems to be hard to find out here....every other pizza I've tried in Edmonton has a very thick "pan" type crust)

Bua Thai (same plaza as Sicilian Pasta Kitchen)

Anybody agree? Disagree? There are almost a million people in Edmonton. There should be way more posts on this board, but Calgary, Vancouver, and Whistler seem to steal the show.