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No I Don't Want to Eat Your Catered Lunch, But I Still Like You!


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No I Don't Want to Eat Your Catered Lunch, But I Still Like You!

glazebrookgirl | Oct 6, 2006 12:03 AM

So my medical office is always getting catered lunches brought in courtesy of various pharmacutical companies. The pharmacy representative brings lunch for the entire office and talks to the doctors and staff about the product they are pushing. Almost all of these lunches are awful catered crap, i.e. rubber chicken in a chafing dish alongside some wilted rice with sad looking salad,etc. And I really have no intention of eating any of it. My problem is the constant pressure I face by co-workers, doctors, and the representative to eat this stuff. They act as if I am almost being rude by ducking out the back or bringing my own lunch.

I am aware of my duties as a good guest when I am in someone's home about eating what is given to me regardless of whether I like it or not. I am aware of no such societal restraints when it comes to an office lunch catered by an outside company. Am I being rude by not eating this stuff? What should I say?

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