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Downtown Mpls - celebatory dinner


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Downtown Mpls - celebatory dinner

MNLawGirl | | Dec 1, 2007 03:02 PM

Chowhounders - I need your advice!

My boyfriend and I will be graduating law school and we can't wait to celebrate. We want to try out a restaurant in downtown Minneapolis that we have yet to experience. Below is a list of the places we have tried. Can you provide me with suggestions of other great restaurants in downtown Minneapolis that are not on the list?

We tried:
1) Solera
2) Ichiban - sushi is ok, teppanyaki was great.
3) Masa - dinner was good, but did not stand out
4) Oceanaire
5) Melting Pot - can only stomach it once a year if that
6) Martini Blu
7) 112 Eatery - impossible to get a reservation on a Friday night but so good
8) Saffron - not too thrilled with the portions or the food
9) Bellanotte - Too expensive for what you are getting...and in my opinion, not authentic
10) Sushi joints: Nami, Origami, Koyi, Wasabi Fushion
11) Bar Lurcat
12) McCormicks
13) M & S
14) Zelo

It seems like chowhounders have mixed reviews on Chambers. So I take it as a no.

I just realized I have no steakhouses on my list. Is Manny's the steak of choice? We will entertain any suggestion. Thanks and I'll report back!

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